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If you have a project or modification idea you would like to carry out on your land rover don't hesitate to contact us


Defender 90 300tdi County Station Wagon

Roll cage

Soft Top Conversion


Our customer enquired about fitting a soft top hood to his defender, simple enough. However, what started as a standard soft top conversion soon transformed into the building of this nicely modified little defender which already had a few tricks up it sleeve.




2.25 Petrol 110 County Station Wagon

200 tdi conversion

auto conversion

galvanised chassis

Our customer contacted us with reference to converting her 110 to an automatic, it was then decided that the distinct lack of power from the 2.25 petrol engine was going to be a problem. A 200tdi automatic discovery was then sourced and contained the perfect power train setup for our customer. It was then decided that to go with the bulletproof 200tdi we should also eliminate 1 more defender weakness, as the previous chassis would of required extensive welding it was decided that this defender would undergo a complete back to chassis rebuild and start again with a new galvanised back bone. The end result saw a 110 given a new lease of life and made it a very practical for our customer, with its maiden voyage being a holiday to the lake district



300tdi Defender

Full Rebuild

This vehicle was bought as a spares or repairs vehicle by More 4x4. The bodywork was in poor condition and the clouds of smoke that left the exhaust suggested something was majorly wrong within the engine. It was decided as most of axles and running gear seemed ok and the chassis was solid, that it would form the base for our rebuild. A donor engine was sourced and body panels repaired or replaced. It was then painted in a glorious shade of blue, which really bought it too life. So with it now running perfectly and looking all new and shiny, it was time for a few accessories. Light bar was fitted with 4 working lights across the roof, a winch and winch bumper were fitted to give it the aggressive off road look. a cubby box for handy in car storage, a quick polish and it was good as new. This vehicle left us after undergoing an extensive rebuild and is now happily paired up with its new owner.



Turbo Diesel Hard Top


This Ex Farm Hard Top Land Rover

Was looking a little tatty around the edges . we under took a strip down and Refurbishment .

The 90 had the Turbo Diesel engine removed and had a recondition 200 tdi engine fitted

The hard top had windows fitted and rear seats

front seats were removed and rebuild

the body work was stripped down and change from blue to a later silver inside and out

finished off with new dash layout and alloy wheels



200  TDI 90 Land Rover

This Land Rover Started off life as a turbo diesel station wagon

The engine was tried , chassis very rusty body work and interior very knocked about

But there was plenty of life in the old girl yet so will set to work , we changed the chassis for a new galvanised one replace the smoky turbo diesel engine for a reworked 200 tdi engine , 2 inch lift kit , winch ,  air intake , new seats , replacement wheel and tyres and a new coat of paint 

300  TDI 90 Land Rover

This Land Rover Started off life as a black hard top

The chassis very rusty body work had been painted black with a roller and interior very tired

So we replaced the chassis for a nice new galvanised one , we replaced all the doors as they were too far gone for this reverb the rest of the body work had a bit of TLC the 90 got a nice fresh coat of green paint in side and out

we replaced the front seats fitted new rear bench seats in the rear

we also fitted side windows  


A Strip down rebuild we have been doing for one of our customers

300  TDI 90 Land Rover sw

 Our customer  felt it was time that his beloved first car was given of a bit of TLC

The chassis was stating to go home , door starting to rust out , engine getting a bit wheezy

so the car got stripped down , the chassis was replaced , engine replaced with a cross flowed engine to give more power along with bigger intercooler and upgraided turbo charger , the car was fitted with 2 inch lift kit , led lights , new front grill , winch bumper and winch , the front seat were replaced with heated leather seats , new replacement head lining was fitted , new replacement side window trims , leather sun visors , leather dash kit was fitted , heated front windscreen , new roof rack , new wheels and tyres , new tinted side and rear windows , and new radio

Classic Range Rover

being bought back it former glory